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    Innovative Initiatives Inclusion in Indian Industries for Powerlooms
    Dr. Lokesh Shukla,
    Govt Central Textile Institute, Kanpur
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    1. History of Textile
    The history of textile is almost as old as that of human civilization and as time has moved on, the history of textile has further enriched…[Read more]


    Dr. Shukla, Assistant Professor,
    Department of Textile Technology,
    Govt. Central Textile Institue, Souterganj,Kanpur,
    Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow, U. P.,…[Read more]

  • Why equality between man and women ?.
    when the biological difference is, although brain, activity output are same. But due to god creation there is difference. So both could not same.
    Govt of India also try to give them opportunities to make them equal by giving reservations etc, govt knows that women are weaker in few scenes so women need special…[Read more]

  • There are about 700 universities in India. 35500 affiliated institute, 20 million students are studying in universities.
    Two days back in GCTI two student expired in accident, one mr pallav sriwastava was alone male member in family, great loss of family

    similar mr rohit vamula lss his life,
    no pension scheme is established in India for…[Read more]

  • Stand up India scheme is launched by the govt of India.
    10000 thausand crore scheme is.
    bank will provide loan of rs 10 lakh to 1 crore for entrepreneur ship.
    one male and one male of SC ST catogory is compulsory,
    2.5 lakh people are targeted beneficiary.
    7 year term loan is.
    loan interest is 1% of the base reserve bank rate.
    no guarantee…[Read more]

  • U all know that rate of pulses are rising, but why ?. The consumption of pulses are increasing in India by 17 to 18% year, agriculture area cont increase only import can little control in pulses. The real story is the yield of arahar in India is 730 kgs per hectares however in U SA it is 1900 kgs per hectares. Big difference in pulses…[Read more]

  • Pl note every year 10 lakh employment is need of the nation. It is our responsibility to create job, govt duty is to provide environment, no one is is doing responsibility, our nation will not get the required rate of growth only fake slogan will not give our generation to rise.
    all should give keen attention on it.
    make India employable stop…[Read more]

  • Ministry of Textiles Expenditure Plan Outlay for year 2015-16 is of 3523.32 crore (352.33 crore for North East Region, 176.17 crore for Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCSP) and 42.28 crore for Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) under following heads;
    1. Technology Up gradation Fund Scheme (1520.00 crore).
    2. Human Resource Development (201.00 crore).…[Read more]

  • The Projected house in next year 20 million (2 crore), by govt of India, but what is state wide need ?. State govt and M.P should send proposal prior to budget draft and approvals. State and kanpur need house in the proportion of population.

  • The growth reported for YR 2015 is 7.48%. The projected by the govt for this year was 17%. How we all get employment.
    Dr lokesh Shukla 9450125954

  • Why No smart city in uttar pradesh?. However PM is from This. State. The Maximum population state in country.

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    Pl contact me 9450125954 Dr Shukla lokesh

  • Dear All
    Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project affected are are 100% Delhi, Rajashthan, Haryana and Gujrat having 62%. 58% and 68. Why Uttar Pradesh is 12%, The national level average is 29.8%,
    only merrut, baytam Buddha Nagar and Noida is covered by DMIC, why Kanpur is not.
    it is not justice to up and Kanpur citizen.
    Dr. lokesh Shukla


    1. Fund Location for Women University from Human resource development Ministry.
    2. Fund for Textile Industry up gradation under Textile Up gradation Fund (TUF) For Lal imli from Ministry of Textiles.
    3. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in any close mill of BIC Elgin or Cownpur Textile.
    4. Medical…[Read more]

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    Number Bharosey ka I G Kanpur ne issue kiya Tha. Kayo Ki Thana Police se Bharosa Nahi hi. Sab log vyaktigat roop se apradho ka anushandhan karkey gopniy soochnaye U G Zone ko bina nam ke bhi bheje saktay hi.
    Bhrastachar mukt desh, Pradesh our Kanpur ko banaye.
    Dr Lokesh Shukla 9450125954

  • Dear All members,
    U P state is backward in all the way, as the GDP is less to appx 3.5 % of our country, The growth rate of Kanpur is 3rd in rank however it is higher than Lucknow and other citities.
    Kanpur is well known Textile City, The second employment provider industry, but about 4% employment is in UP however 25% in Tamilnadu in Textile…[Read more]

    5089 Awas Vikas No3, Kalyanpur, Kanpur

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