Vol 5, No 1, NOVEMBER  2022

Munish Kumar
Sarvesh Kumar
Arvind Kumar Singh
Jagannath Pathak
Ramesh Verma
Durgesh Kumar 

 Editorial Board                                                   Publisher


1- Annexure  (Introduction)      page no- 01

1- Role of Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture:
– Amar Singh Gaur, Ashutosh Kumar, Deepak Prajapati, Jagannath Pathak     page no- 07

2- Significance of Liquid Organic Manures in Indian Agriculture Review
– Kaushal Kumar and Munish Kumar      page no- 17

3- A Study About the Level of Farm Mechanization in Etawah District of Uttar Prades -H.C. Singh and D. Singh     page no- 25

4- Mitigating Strategies to Combat Malnutrition
-Pragati Yadav     page no- 30

5- Cropping Pattern of Farm Families in Five Agro-Climatic Zones of Punjab
– Anjana Rai, Kiranjot Sidhu      page no- 34

6- Effective Extension Strategies and Mobilisation of FOP’S to Market
-M. Prasad, R.P. Rajbhar, Arvind Kumar     page no- 39 

7- Farmers Income: Trends for Future Growth
– M. Prasad, R.P. Rajbhar    page no- 46

8- A Review : Organic Farming Improve Sustainability in Soil and Environmental Health With Era of Climate Change
-Deepak Prajapati, Amar Singh Gaur, Jagannath Pathak     page no- 52

9- Brief Review on Hydro Power Plant
-Ekta Sharma, Ratnakiran D. Wankhade    page no- 58                                                                     

10- Socio-Economic Evaluation of Cropping Systems for Small Holder Farmers in Begusarai Dist. of Bihar-Challenges and Options
-Sachin Rathour, Birendra Kumar, Meera Kumari &Jaykar Singh     page no- 69                             

11- Effect of Trench Method of Sowing In Sugarcane Crop in District Lakhimpur
-Kheri Pradeep Kumar Bisen, S.K. Vishwakarma, M. Suhail, S. Singh, N.K.Tripathi and J.L.Gupta     page no- 79

12- Organic Farming and Women
-Raksha    page no- 83

13- Climate Change Impact Assessment from Drought Perspective for Bundelkhand Region  -M.P. Ramesh Verma, Munish Kumar, S.K. Sachan     page no- 90             

14- Development of Value-Added Cookies Incorporated with Spirulina Platensis for the Mitigation of Malnutrition in Children   -Seema Kanojia, Arvind K. Srivastava, Kahkashan Parvin, Minhaj A.Usmani, Fauzia Banopage no- 102

15- Correlation, Path-Coefficient & Genetic Diversity Patter in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Under Rainfed Conditions   – Sugandh Chauhan and S.D. Tyagi      page no- 109

16- Recommendations                                                                       page no- 120

17- Event Photograph                                                                         page no- 122

18- Newspaper Cutting                                                                      page no- 124

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