Vol 2, No 1 November 201

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  Pharmaceutical Science  
1- Light responsive Gold NPs-polymer hybrid LBL capsules for the Lysosomal Storage Disorder – Meenakshi Gupta and Prof.(Dr.) Sri Sivakumar

  Electronics & communicaton  
2. Impact of Structure, Threshold Voltage, and Noise over the Performance of Pentacene Based OFET: A Comparative Study -Srishti Gupta, Manish Kumar Singh

3. INTEGRATED NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT IN MUNGBEAN (VIGNA RADIATA L.) THROUGH NPK AND BIOFERTILIZERS -Munish Kumar, Dr Renu, Dr R.K. Pathak, Dr R.K. Pathak, Dr Sarvesh Kumar, Durgesh Kumar, and Dr Mohammad Shahid

4- Optical Characterization of Sb Doped Se-In Glassy System and Its Applications in Optical Devices -Anjani Kumar, S. Shukla, Sudhir K. Sharma, S. Kumar and R.K. Shukla

A Review- Textile
5- Sustainable antimicrobial finishes for Textiles from natural bio-extracts and conductive polymers – Rahul Kumar Shringirishi, Subhankar Maity 

A Review- Management
6- Impact of Voluntary Organizations for Training in Rural Development – Dr. Rajeev Singh 

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