Herbal Massage into skin to cure Diabetes ( Medicine)


Medicine of diabetes require certain skills that are developed by observation, practice and experience. When a patient start taking allopathic oral medicines   and insulin injections, although his high blood sugar starts decreasing but after reaching the optimum level say 140 mg/dl, it further decreases from optimum level to low level, which means more than required insulin was secreted by the pancreas, therefore, patient is advised to consume sweeteners side by side. when he consumes sweeteners the sugar level once again reaches to more than optimum value because insulin level becomes insufficient to neutralise sugar. Because of these repeated, highs and lows many times in a day, his pancreas become disordered Afterall when the reason of diabetes was sugar eating habbit, how can its use with medicines help to treat the patients.                                                                                        By the  topical application of herbal oil, such problem is removed because oil is absorbed by the skin and enter into the blood stream thus pancreas is under control to produce only that much insulin which is actually needed by the sugar for its neutralisation so that that blood sugar don’t go below normal level and pancreas starts healing to be normalised and just after one week doses of allopathic medicines are reduced to half. we know that pancreas was disordered and not degenerated, During the treatment regime patient will have to critically follow our diet chart which is tagged in the medicine pack,

Technical support by:

Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta
Head Department of Chemistry
DAV College, Kanpur
Mobile: 9935360458 e-mail: [email protected]









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