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 Our intention is to serve the humanity through education in  Arts,  Commerce, Basic Science, Technical / Engineering, Medical and Dental Science subjects.

If any subject is not available on the website, and someone is interested in forming a team for publication in that subject, it may be added by sending an SMS to 7007279909, 9236911297, or please write to us at publisher@http://jjss.co.in. 

You are requested to register yourself and also forward it in your circle to all those interested and form a good team by becoming an Editor, Section Editor, Reviewer, Author or can work independently.  Add more and more (Scientists, Professor, Teachers, research associates) in every subject for quality publication. We will honour your experience and devotion through publication. Active and experienced participants may get a position in the Editorial board also. You can see the Honourable  Patron and  Member of Editorial Board