• Disha Patel
  • Ritu Pandey


Textile recycling is one of most favorable method of reusing, reprocessing of used clothing, where as Fibrous material and clothing scraps available from the manufacturing process. In huge quantity the textile recycling industry is one of the oldest and most established recycling industries in the world. Throughout the world, used textile and apparel products are salvaged as reclaimed textiles and put to new uses. This study was carried out in Kanpur city. The total hundred numbers of respondents were selected from the different houses and areas. A descriptive research design was adopted for the present study. Textile in municipal solid waste are generally found mainly in the form of discarded clothing, although other sources include furnishing from furniture, carpets, tires, foot mat and nondurable goods such as bed sheet and towels. Interview schedule developed to collect the data regarding their needs, and for knowing the recycle practices are existing in the household. The tools used for this purpose was the interview schedule. After designing the articles as per the respondents needs and preferences. Respondents having awareness and interest in training and learning of textile recycled products as rank first with mean score of 1.82 and out of 17% respondents only 8% respondents uses only curtains for recycle purpose, although 39% respondents sold their reused/recycled textile to the moving wanders, Whereas only 28% respondents were donating. Their textiles for reuse to the poor people available nearly their homes.

Keywords: Discarded cloths, Household women, designing



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