Dr. Ritu Pandey








Assistant Professor, Department of Textiles & Clothing, Faculty of Home Science, Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Technology, Kanpur Ph # (0983) 903 4549,  Email: [email protected]

Academic Qualifications: 
Qualified I.C.A.R. NET in October 2001
PhD. Clothing & Textiles (CSJM University, Kanpur’2004)
M.Sc. Clothing & Textiles (G.B. Pant Univ. of Agri. & Tech., Pantnagar’1994)
Research Coordinator of Department of Textiles & Clothing
Research guidance of M.Sc. students as major advisor: 19
Research guidance of PhD. students as co-advisor: 2
Teaching experience of 21 years
Research project under taken: 
Research project entitled ‘Linen from indigenous Flax Fibres for Defence Applications’ as Principal Investigator.
Book published:
Pandey, R. Dayal, R. and Srivastava, R.S.L. 2014. Flax Fibre Processing Technology University Press. Kanpur.

Research papers published: 

Ritu; Jahan, S. and Goel, A. 1995. Best of Merino- Acrylic Yarn. Indian Textile Journal. 105, 12: 44 – 46.

Ritu; Jahan, S. and Goel, A. 1995. Dyeing of Wool/ Acrylic Blended Yarns. Colourage. 42, 2: 19-20.Ritu; Jahan, S. and Goel, A. 1996. Nepali Woo! and Acrylic Blend. Indian Textile Journal. 106, 6: 14-16.

Ritu; Jahan, S. and Goel, A. 1999. Hand Knitted Fabric of Merino Wool. Indian Textile Journal. 110(2): 122-125.

Pandey, R. and Dayal, R .2003. FIax Jute and Flax Cotton Blended Fabric. Asian Textile Journal. 11(7): 51-55.

Dayal, R.; Kiran, U.V. and Pandey, R. 2004. Home Scientist as an Entrepreneur. Indian Research Journal of Extension Education. 4(3): 78-­80.

Chaudhary, A.; Dayal, R. and Pandey, R. 2005. Constraint Analysis and Utilization of Biogas Technology in District Etawah. Indian Research Journal of Extension Education. 5(1):24-26.

Saket, S.; Pandey; R.; Singh, A.; Tuteja, S. and Dayal, R. 2005. Process Development for Dyeing Flax Fibre with Teak Leaves(Tectona grandis), Textile Industry & Trade Journal,43(11-12): 45-48.

Mishra, N.; Singh, A., Tatuja, S. and Pandey, R. 2007. Standardization of Stiffening Procedure for white cotton Fabric. The textile Industry & Trade Journal, 45(3-4): 37-

Pandey, R. and Dayal, R. 2008. Physico- Chemical Properties of Flax Fibre. Textile Industry & Trade Journal, 46(11-12): 25-28.

Husain, K.; Malik, Y.P.; Srivastava, R.L. and Pandey, R. 2009. Production Technology and Industrial Uses of Dual Purpose Linseed (): An Overview. Indian Journal of Agronomy 54(4): 374-379

Pandey, R. and Dayal, R. 2009. Dyeing of Flax Blended Yarns. Textile Industry & Trade  Journal, 47(1-2): 19-20.

Pandey, R. and Dayal, R. 2009. Value Addition of Flax (Linum usitatissimum) Fibres.Current  Advances in Agricultural Sciences, 1(1): 41-43.

Singh, S.; Dayal, R. and Pandey, R. 2009. Retailing and wholesaling Practices of Woollen products. Asian Journal of Home Science,4(2): 369-370.

Kishore, N.; Rukhsana and Pandey, R. 2010. Clothing Requirements of Physically  Challenged College Going boys and Designing Suitable Garments. Asian Journal of  Home Science,5(1): 70-72.

Pandey, R. and Mishra, S. 2010. Process Development for Dyeing Linen Fabric with  Mangifera indica leaves. Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable  Development, 5(2):74-77.

Singh, N.; Pandey, R. and Mishra, S. 2011. Modification of Existing Patterns and Development of Carpet Designs of Bhadohi. Textile Trends, LIII(10): 37-39.

Devi, S. and Pandey, R. 2014. Protective Clothing for Farm Workers. National Conference  on Technological Empowerment of Women at the Grass Roots, CSAUAT. Kanpur, Sep. 6-7th 2014: 209-216.

Pandey, R. and Srivastava, N. 2014. Process Development for Dyeing Linen Fabric  with Gulabbas Leaves (Mirabilis jalapa). National Workshop on Women  Empowerment During XII Five Year Plan Through Agricultural Mechanization, Held at CSAUAT. Kanpur, Dec. 24-25, 2014: pp 101-105.

Research paper presentation:

  1. Research paper on Analysis of the Physical Properties of Dual Purpose Flax Fibre Extracted using Different Methods presented in International Forum of Natural Dyes, at National Textile and Craft Research Institute, Nanatou, Taiwan (14-16-10-20)
  2. Research paper on Silk Dyeing with Ficus religiosa and Moringa           pterygosperma Leaves’ presented in an international workshop on  ‘Value Chain for Natural Dyes’ at ANGRAU, Hyderabad from 5th to 8th  March’2014.
  3. Research paper entitled ‘Designing of Functional Garments for Orthopedically Disabled School Going Children’ presented in two day national seminar on Special child at CRDA Mahila PG college, Gorakhpur, India from 13 to 14 Feb’2011.
  4. Research paper entitled “Eco-friendly and Sustainable Products” presented in ‘Workshop on Eco-design’, at Taipei, Taiwan from 1st to 5th November’2010.
  5. Research paper entitled “Environmental Management in India” presente5.d in a conference on ‘Eco-friendly Wet Processing in  Textile Industry’ at U.P. Textile Technology Institute, Kanpur, India from 24th to 26th November’ 2008.
  6.  Research paper entitled “Textile Effluents: A Source of Environmental Pollution” presented in a conference on Environmental Management in Hawaii’ at University of Hawaii, Honolulu, U.S.A. from 10th to 15th February’ 2008.
  7. A talk on Garment Cutting and Stitching Techniques was delivered in a two days seminar organized by UPICO, Kanpur, India, on ‘Quality Improvement and New Technology for Hosiery Products’ to aware the hosiery manufacturer on new technologies and quality improvement methods on 6th Dec’2006.

Popular articles published (Hindi):

  • Pandey, R. 2001.Daag Dhabbe chhuraye vastra chamkaye krishak bharati 2(5)33.
  • Pandey, R. 2003.Block Dwara vastro ki chhapai-kala Bhi Vyavsaykrishak Bharati,4(3):31.
  • Pandey, R. and Dayal, R. 2003.Alsi ke Tane Dwara Vastra Nirman.Krishak Bharati,4(8):32-33.
  • Pandey, R. and Dayal, R. 2006.Prakritik Rang Se Vastro ki Rangai Ek Uttam Vyavasa,Krishak Bharati 7(1):55-56.
  • Dayal, R. and Pandey, R. 2006.Laghu Kutir Udyog Mahilao Ke liyeKrishk Bharati,7(1):51-52.
  • Pandey, R. and Dayal, R. 2007.Linen:Fashion Ki Dunia Main jagah Banata Prakritik Resha.Dainik Jagaran,28th june,P4.
  • Pandey, R. 2008. Vastra Nirman Or Paryavaran. Amar Ujala Compact, 8th Feb,P12.

Teaching manuals prepared:

  1. Textile Science & Care
  2. Indian Textile & costumes
  3. Dyeing Technology for Textiles
  4. Fundamentals of Clothing construction
  5. Garment Construction and Planning
  6. Knitting Technology
  7. Textile Finishing
  8. Textile & Apparel Quality Analysis

Member of societies: 

  • Life member of Indian Society of Agricultural Biochemists
  • Life member of society of Agricultural Professionals
  • Life member of Hind Agri Horticultural Society
  • Executive committee member of Asian Journal of Home Science
  • Life member of Society of Agriculture Extension.

Awards: ­

  • Won Ilnd prize in the Poster Competition in international conference on “Post Harvest Technology & Value Addition in Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds” held at C.S.A. Univ. of Agri. & Tech., Kanpur from 27th to 30th Nov’2006
  • Adjudged outstanding participant in a short course on Fibre Crop Production, Seed Production and Quality Evaluation organized at Central Research Institute for Jute & Allied Fibres, Kolkata (03-08-2011 to 12-08-2011)
  • Recipient of Indo-Soviet Friendship Award in the year 1988.
  • Yoga Champion of the G.B. Pant University of Agric. & Tech., Pantnagar (1993).

Co-curricular achievements: 

  • Involved in RAWE (Rural Awareness Work Experience) programme and in In-Plant training of Final year B.Sc. students at various organization related to Garment Manufacturing & Merchandising
  • Involved in organizing Farmer’s fair and in counseling through ATIC (Agriculture Technology Information Centre) and helpline duty
  • Actively participated as NSS coordinator, in formulating programmes for community and rural needy people to improve their existing conditions.
  • Trained large number of village women regarding designing, cutting and stitching of garments at village Bhelamau and Directorate of Extension, C.S.A. University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur. 

                                                                   (Ritu Pandey)

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