Alternative Development Philosophy based on Indian Cultural Ethos as Foundation

Awake Mother India is an independent initiative that thinks to restore the past glory of India by making the youth aware about its glorious past and its relevance in the present day and how it can be the foundation for the future. It is an organization of energetic, positive, and passionate people who aspire to inspire all Indians to dedicate their lives for the Overall Development of Our Glorious Country. We are a team of professors, experts from the administration and corporate space, young professionals, and students. Our goal is to develop frameworks for alternative social, political, economic, educational, agricultural, industrial systems based on the cultural values of our ancestors governed by humanistic principles.

India has adopted the development model in narrow terms of economic development only. This is largely due to our imitation of western philosophy, which is based on materialistic values, where earning money and accumulating wealth is considered the primary goal of life. This approach is in sharp contrast with India’s cultural ethos which is spiritual and is embedded in humanistic vales and aims at welfare and happiness of every human being. There is a serious need of a more human centric model of development, based on our cultural and civilizational ethos, which will redefine our development goals as creation of a happy, healthy and prosperous society.

Keeping the above objective in mind, we have started a webinar series on India-centric topics to create awareness about our culture. On behalf of Awake Mother India, we cordially invite you to participate in the

webinar on

“Alternative Development Philosophy based on Indian Cultural Ethos as Foundation”.

The webinar will take place from 11.00 am – 1:30 pm IST on 31-07-2021 (Saturday).

Google Meet Link for Webinar:-


Two extremely renowned professionals will be the keynote speakers for the webinar –

1.Dr.Mrinal Kanti Gangopadhyay – Ex-Professor, Calcutta University. Has experience of teaching Sanskrit for more than 40 years at institutions like Viswa Bharati and Calcutta University. Has to his credit a number of research publications dealing with Paninian Grammar and Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Logic. Has knowledge of classical Tibetan with more than 25 books and more than 60 papers published in his name.

2. Swami Kripakarananda – Maharaja at Ramkrishna Mission. A former doctor who has devoted his life to the cause of Ramkrishna Mission.


Team Awake Mother India looks forward to your participation in the webinar. Please block your calendar for 31-07-2021 (Saturday) and register for the same.

Note – If you have any concerns regarding the class schedule or are having trouble connecting, please contact us through phone or email.

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[email protected]

With warm regards,

Abhinav Kumar, IIT Delhi, Mobile: 91- 8467893213

Desh Deepak Gautam, NITTTR Kolkata 9455912899

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