1- An Educational Site
It is a basic site and open platform to enhance educational/public welfare activities on site, all Registered user may publish their educational activities, write blogs, comment and form their own group to run their own activities, video conferencing etc.(Student, teachers, Scientists, Professor, research associates, etc.) to share/ highlight college /institutional/public welfare or your educational activities. 
Note: There is no any option for registration on educational site Only any registered user may add friends/users directly or send a link to add them, in his/her circle/directory, through given link.
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1-All registered user may use this given format to use on WhatsApp, facebook or SMS
Open education, social activity and journal system 
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 Similarly, you may also participate in various educational and social activities on site, as per your interest by registering yourself through a given link.
(Registered user should replace their userID in given link before sending message ( which is their mobile number if they have not changed ) 
2- After login site, registered user may send mail through the link “Send Invites“. to add users in their circle. 
After registration, anyone may check their profile.
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Registration on the basic site is essential to participate in various activities.                    Widgets (right side): Registered User may participate in various other activities of the basic site as per their interest. But separate registration for each activity in required. It will be better if you keep UserID and Password same for all sites.

All interested Scientists, Professor, Teachers, research associates, interested in participating as a Reader, Author and Reviewer may register them self in electronic Journal ‘ International Journal of Community Science and Technology’ with the given link in their respective subject.
With the intention to serve the humanity in the field of education i.e.  Art, Education, Commerce, Basic Science, Technical / Engineering, Medical and Dental Science subjects.
If any subject is not available on the site, and someone is interested in forming a team for publication, it may be added by sending an  SMS to 7007279909, 9236911297, or please write to us at  [email protected].
You are requested to register yourself and also forward it in your circle to all those interested and form a good team of Journal Manager, Editor, Section Editor, Reviewer, author and work independently.  Add more and more (Scientists, Professor, Teachers, research associates) in every subject for quality publication.
We will honour your experience and devotion in the field of publication. Active and experienced participants may get a position in Editorial board also.
You can see the 
Honourable  Patron and  Member of Editorial Board 

3- Add a link for published Article in other JournalFor High Indexing on Google, It is an open platform, to avail this facility, first of all, registered yourself on this site

  • You may add link of your published article (in other e-journals)
  • You may post scan copy of your article.

 4- It is an invitation to all publisher: using print media journal (in addition with this) wants to publish electronics journal (on line journal), contact to V P Singh Mob. 9236911297, 7007279909 E-mail [email protected]
5- It is an open platform to Search Job: after registration on site any one may post their requirement for a job, apply for the job.
6- CLASSIFIED: It is an open platform: After registration on site any one may post their advertisement.
7- Digital Library System: It is an invitation to all management committees of Institutions for the requirement to digitalize their Institutions library, may contact to V P Singh Mob. 9236911297, 7007279909 E-mail [email protected]
8- Website development: You may contact for website development and maintenance, to V P Singh Mob. 9236911297, 7007279909 E-mail [email protected]
9- Our Server System: Soon we are going to have our own server any one may contact for space on the server to V P Singh Mob. 9236911297, 7007279909 E-mail [email protected]

 Your position in jjss:

“Executive body may assign work and responsibility individually or in a group but priority will be given to the users having higher strength on site

Thanking you                                                                                                                                                                                                     yours sincerely

 Vijay Pratap Singh (Publisher)