Abhiyaan  अभियान  

A platform of Open Education, Employment Generation, Entrepreneur Development, Self-Employment, and Social Activity System

मुक्त शिक्षा, रोजगार सृजन, उद्यमी विकास, स्वरोजगार और सामाजिक गतिविधि प्रणाली का एक मंच

*Become a successful entrepreneur through JJSS (in gameplay), much easier than getting a JOB.*
(be a job giver, not a job seeker)


Most people spend the most valuable period of their life 20 to 30 years, looking for a job, but still, most individuals are unemployed, insecure, and not satisfied with their jobs, even some of them Struggles their whole life for the job. First, in setting himself, then in setting the children, the whole life goes out struggling like this, and does not even know and never gets an opportunity to make his own dreams come true.

The most expensive thing in life is your present, it has once gone,
Then, even with the wealth of the whole world, you cannot buy or get it.

Even if you get a job after a lot of struggle, then after retirement, after taking VRS, or due to loss of job, most of the people return to the same place with family responsibilities. Day by day the population of our country is increasing, and jobs are decreasing, so it is natural (let’s assume) that our children or the next generation will have to struggle more than you to get a job.

As is well known, the corona pandemic has taken the whole world in its grip. A serious problem of economic crisis and unemployment has arisen. Highly qualified technicians, skilled workers of various services from the country and abroad are running towards their respective homes (villages) on job loss or leaving. The situation was already very frightening, further ruined by Kovid-19.

It is an impossible task for the government to give everyone the desired job. Therefore, there should be a joint effort towards employment generation, entrepreneurship development, self-employment, and creating new employment opportunities.


To provide opportunities for education and employment to all as per their wish. To find new employment opportunities and establish them along with quality.

Everyone has the limitless ability to work when they have the freedom to choose the work they want, the work on their project, and the work area of their interest, and there is no stress and risk of any kind. In such works, a person successfully completes his work with joy and enthusiasm, and sometimes makes impossible tasks possible. Our organization will fully cooperate in making your dreams come true.

Our expert team is always on the lookout for opportunities for the development of various products and their marketing strategy, to increase new and trendy employment opportunities. All our projects generate high income with no investment or small investment.

Together we all have to take initiative to make a self-reliant India. (Indigenous goods will have to bring quality along with modernity, adopt indigenously, foreign goods will have to be boycotted). The items which are required to be imported will have to become self-sufficient by developing infrastructure very soon.

The direction of work has to change according to the time:

In today’s time, any business can be done anywhere, and its monitoring can be done from anywhere through networking. Such a system will have to be created so that people can be cooperative while living with their family members and online distribution and sale can be done at the district level.

We have to change the direction of our work, do not go from cities to villages as goods, but from villages and small places to be sold in cities. With mutual cooperation, all this work can be done very easily in gameplay (for free or by investing very little money). In this way, the migration from villages to cities will stop. The problem of living in big cities and the environment will also end.

Based on these factors

To work in this rapidly changing environment, a methodology has been developed in consultation with everyone. If work is done with our methodology, then small to big work, very easily, enthusiastically, happily, without any tension, differences, can be done very easily. There is no possibility of loss and failure, whoever works hard will get everything is in his hands. In this way, the site users, as well as themselves, will pave a suitable path for the generations to come.

What you have to do with us:

Nowadays every single person is connected with thousands of people on social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.). So we expect every site user to understand the usefulness of JJSS for themselves, add at least 100 users (mother, father, brother, sister, friend, their seniors, and their teacher) and tell about JJSS, and ask your friends to do the same.

The small support given by you will prove to be helpful in making the children self-reliant in difficult situations in the coming times.

This can be done very easily, if the information/message broadcast on the Telegram channel @jjsscoin Keep sending your friends in groups, on social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) (A registered user by changing his user ID or mobile number in the registration link https://jjss.co.in/join/?spn=uderID) in a few days, all your friends will be on the site. You can check your profile through the link https://jjss.co.in/userID. You can invite or add any of your friends/users to the https://jjss.co.in site only through the link.

Extremely useful for students:

Joining our institution is very useful for the students. If you get a job after completing your studies, you can support your peers in your group as a “supporting team” (work online) and if you don’t get, seems to leave,  or you don’t like, then with your experience, you can work anytime as “working team”  (on any of your project or on the project given by us). In either case, your interests and that of your friends are assured.

Any student who takes the mobile in hand (12th class) from then spend a few moments in a month and give his support in this movement in fun, then when he comes out after graduation or post-graduation, then he will be at the highest peak of the institution (JJSS).

What facilities JJSS will provide you:

the chain having >1000 people, then contact to act as admin on any of your project, or project given by us, build a working team of 4 to 5 people (persons) from them (from your chain) according to your task, do work with them and distribute the income to your team. The people in the chain above the admin will act as the supporting team (the chain will have >100 people). In this way a working committee will be formed in which all the people will be known to each other.

The ‘Working Committee’ is entitled to apply for various, small/large government/private, NGO projects etc. on behalf of our NGO platform in their particular area(s).

Together with any admin who starts the work, all of us (JJSS) will help in every way to get that work running smoothly. Again as the number of admins in the chain of that admin will increase https://jjss.co.in/jjss  the work will increase in other districts of India (714) under the supervision of the first admin.

First of all, we will give priority to software work, small industries/projects which generate high income with no investment or small investment.

As your rank will increase JJSS your rights and position will automatically increase https://jjss.co.in/rank. If any work is being done in your chain, then your participation will definitely be there, as people in your chain will increase, your participation will increase.

Create your own identity:

(Today we have 5000 users on our site if each person adds 100 -100 persons of his mobile, then this number will become 5,00,000, you have added only 100 people and to identify yourself, for Online marketing, or for advertisement you will getting 5.00.000 customers.)

One man alone cannot do anything, but in a large group, there is no work that cannot be done. As the number of people in your chain will increases, your problems will automatically reduce and your work will start running smoothly. Therefore you are requested to enlarge your group before starting your work.

All the work in this world is done by humans for human beings. King without subjects, subjects without a king, speaker without a listener, listener without a speaker, a teacher without students, a student without a teacher, the buyer without seller, seller without a buyer, producer without customer, customer without a producer, there is no importance. So in this world, everybody needs everybody.

There is no transaction of money anywhere on this platform.

Similarly, the tradition of cooperation will have to be done to save small cottage industries from closure. Your small contribution in this direction can bring a big revolution in the industry.

One will get tired alone, raise hands together.

Some basic problems in becoming an entrepreneur and their solutions:

1-Technical Problems: There are all kinds of (scientific) people on the site and you will also meet in the group you created, contact your old classmates also add to your chain. Apart from this, if required (JJSS) will take/hire the cooperation of scientists from outside.

2-Financial problems: Will take donations for any work, government grant, self-help group will be formed, if huge work is done, then shares will float for that.

3-Marketing Problems: There will be a large number of customers on the site itself.

4-Skilled/Unskilled Workers Problem: All kinds of people will be found in the team you create.

5-Profit-Sharing Problem (Wealth Distribution Problem):
The margin that will be left (80% of the savings) will be divided by 40%, 20%, 10% – respectively in the series above the person who buys
(Marketing incentive will be given) Therefore, the people who have more people in the chain will get more benefits.
In the production unit also above the admin will share 40%, 20%, 10%- respectively in the chain. whatever will be the income, the team will be divided. Profit-sharing will always be in percentage.

6-After setting up the plant the biggest problem is to sell your product with the branded companies in the market.: Before starting the work, the members of the “Working Committee” will be given proper training (on modern machines) if required. But there will be no compromise on the quality of the product.

7- Obstacle due to various Government Departments: (Banks, Industries Department, Sales Tax, Income Tax, Pollution Control Board, Electricity Board, Police, etc.) :  (JJSS) Registered on NITI Aayog (Darpan portal), Sub- to Working Committee Will provide its own platform to work as a group.

All these problems lead to growth.

8- Mental pressure: There will be no mental pressure in working in this way.

Such problems definitely come before any new entrepreneur. If any one of these problems is not addressed properly, then even one reason is enough to shut down small or big industries.

Suitable Time:

If we think of doing any work then always some circumstances are in our favor (favorable to us) some have to be made in our favor. Not all circumstances can ever be in our favor. It doesn’t matter what you have and what you don’t. Rather important, Where and how do you use what you have? Where and how do you manage what you don’t have?

1- When a boy is in the last (time) year of studies, he has plenty of knowledge and ability to work, but lack experience and money.

2- When a boy does a job, at that time he also has knowledge, experience, but there is a lack of time, and family responsibilities are at their peak.

3- When a person takes retirement after completing the tenure of his job, at that time he also has knowledge, experience, money remains, but there is a lack of strength (power)

We all have some dreams. But today in this run of life, the dreams of many of us are left behind like they never were. There is no suitable opportunity and time to fulfill your dreams at any stage of life. The entire human life, from its beginning till the end, passes in tension, apprehension, running away.

Life will not happen again.

So today is the right time, start making your dreams work today, (JJSS) are with you.

make your team and work with them:

We ((JJSS) will give each admin the right (along with his team) to independently select and work in his field of work (based on the qualifications and experience of the team). (JJSS) registered at NITI Aayog (Darpan Portal) (Unique Id: UP/2017/0154707), will provide its platform to the “Working Committee” to work as a sub-group.

1- As Admin to maintain and operate all the software (anyone) available on the site, develop the platform at the district level, and inform the public about the utility of the software (Open education, Groups formation. International Journal of Community Science and Technology, Tutor, College / Institution Management System, Samadhan, Digital Library System, Online Shop, Classified, Job Dashboard) More details: https://jjss.co.in/jjss/4/

2- The ‘Working Committee’ is entitled to apply for various small/large government/private, NGO projects, etc. on behalf of our NGO platform in their particular area(s). Government or non-government organization wants to be sure, before giving work to any NGO, that the work will be completed on time with full quality, For this, the education and experience of the working group and support group people have to be given at the time of filling the form. This is a very big area, in this, with mutual cooperation, very big things can be done very easily in fun.

3-   Export/Import business of various products on JJSS platform.

4- Manufacturing of any product on JJSS platform.

5- Marketing Business through (Online Shop).

(Our expert team will apply to the various departments for projects, (small/big, government / private, non-government organizations, etc.), with the consent of admin and team, based on qualification and experience of the team, and will provide all possible assistance, but after getting the project/tender, the responsibility of completing it on time will be on the admin and team. )

All the work happening in the world can be done by this method is the very easy way, in fun, (Just have the ability to work or get the work done within the team) In the coming time thousands/lakhs of a working committee may be needed. You give us (JJSS) your cooperation in carrying forward the work with this method and take our (JJSS) cooperation. There is no harm to anyone in working in this way, but everyone’s interest is there.

(In this way, our organization will try to provide all technical assistance, training support, financial support and marketing support to enhance the employment and development of entrepreneurs.)


There is no option to register on the site, except the registered user may invite /add their friends through the given link. (https://jjss.co.in/join/?spn=uderID) A registered user may check their profile through the link (https://jjss.co.in/userID).

Registered User, replace the User ID in the given link with your User ID or Registered Mobile Number, and share/share your link with friends / students to participate in various activities on the site, which are useful for their business will be very helpful.

Follow us (JJSS) on Telegram @jjsscoin for various activities/information, as it is not possible to send all updates to everyone on WhatsApp.

Give your support and suggestions to make this campaign easy, simple, and transparent, Call/ WhatsApp/telegram: 7007279909