On logging in to the journal, you will arrive at the User Home page.    

Figure 1. Reviewer HomeR1

To see the submissions you need to review, click the Reviewer link, or click the “x” Active link. Both will take you to your active Submissions page.

Clicking on the linked title will take you to the review process.

Figure 2. Active SubmissionsR2


You will first see a summary of the submission details.

Figure 3. Review AssignmentR3

Next, you will see the review schedule, and the associated deadline.

Figure 4. Review ScheduleR4

Next, the Review process is divided into five steps (depending upon the Journal Setup).

Reviewer Performs Review. Upon receipt of the reviewer request email, the reviewer will click on the included URL and be presented with a list of steps:

Figure 5


Following these steps one at a time, beginning with confirmation of whether or not the review request is accepted, will complete the review. Once the review has been completed, the Editor will be able to see the results on the submission’s Review page.

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