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[] Editor Decision

The following message is being delivered on behalf of Home Science.
mukta garg:

We have reached a decision regarding your submission to INTERNATIONAL
for your article titled Participation of Rural Women in Decision Making
Activities and Its relation to their caste and religion”. Research Note

Our decision is to: Accept Submission For publication in Journal

Vijay Pratap Singh
Home Science

[] Article Review Acknowledgement

The following message is being delivered on behalf of PHARMACEUTICAL

Thank you for completing the review of the submission, “Antimicrobial and
hypoglycemic effects of Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Seed,” for PHARMACEUTICAL
SCIENCE. We appreciate your contribution to the quality of the work that we

Vijay Pratap Singh

Marketing Videos

From: Steve
Subject: Marketing Videos

Message Body:
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Journal Help

To work on International Journal of Community Science and Technology you may click on the link to take help.

Help for registration

Help for author

Help for editor/section editor

Help for reviewer

For practice in Test Journal, you may go to the site

log in  as an Author with userID: user1 and Password: user1 for any dummy article publication

log in  as an Editor with userID: user3 and Password: user3  to assign the article ( dummy article) to Reviewer or section Editor.

log in  as a Section Editor with userID: user2 and Password: user2 for any dummy article.

log in  as a Reviewer with userID: user1 and Password: user1 for any dummy article.






Once in a life time offer

From: Margaret
Subject: Once in a life time offer

Message Body:

Remember I told you about the site that literally just handing out iPhone 6s? Dave gave me the link and ask me not to share with others as there’s only limited units to give out.

You should probably hop on this before it goes away! All you need to is fill out your info including a valid email and they will send you the iPhone 6s of your Choice!

Here’s where you can get it:

Remember, dont share with too many friends, mine are on its way!

Call me if you need some guide.


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