Add your friend

Add your friend

  • Send invites:- (if you have email ID of your friends) After Login, click on MENU (Send Invites) you may invite your friends by sending an invitation to their email.
  • (If you have Mobile Number of your friend)You can also invite your friends by sending SMS to them, in the given format. An invitation to join by reg user id edit ‘Name’, ‘Address’, email FORWARD IT TO 9236911297
    The registered user can send this SMS to invite their friend by replacing reg. user id with their user id.
    After receiving the message, your friend may forward this message for their registration to the given mob. number(9236911297) by replacing Name with their name, address with their address and email with their email (if it is).
    After registration, they will get a User ID and password to their mobile through return SMS.
  • Add new users- you can directly add your close relatives on their demand from profile page (Add new user) option – user id and password will be sent to their mobile directly.
  • After login, any registered user may add users/friends through link
  • You can invite your WhatsApp, facebook and smartphone users friends through the link given below.                   
    “Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.”

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    hiiii govt polytechnic friend

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